What is induction Cooking and Its Difference with Gas and Electricity Stoves?

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Jan 032014

Induction cooking uses induction heating which is safer, easier and more efficient than traditional gas or electrical red-hot cooker. Induction cooktops are used in the cooking, also called as induction cook top, induction heater, induction hob, induction cooker, induction stove, induction oven, induction range and induction hot plate. The last name is very odd since they are not hot during cooking, instead only the cookware is heated through magnetic induction.

How an Induction Cooktop Works?

You don’t need to be confused by the above names. Actually, they point to the same working mechanism. Induction cooktop has a coil of copper wire where alternating electric current creates an oscillating magnetic field and induces electric current in the ferromagnetic vessel people put on the cooktop. The flowing current produces resistive heating which heats the food within the vessel.

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Difference with Gas and Electricity Stoves
So the basic difference between an induction cooktop and conventional gas and electricity stoves lies in the working mechanism of their heating: induction cooktops use induction heat created by magnet field while the latter two use gas burning and read hot electric coil.

The effects of cooking thus are much different. The advantages of induction cooktops are: 1. Fast and precise cooking; 2. Energy efficient at low cost; 3. Safety; 4. Easy cleaning while the disadvantages are: 1. cookware requirements and 2. humming.

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