Review of Ozeri Stone Earth Pan , with 100% PFOA-Free Stone-Derived Non-Stick STONEHENGE Coating

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Dec 262013

Nichole Chase, a mom of 5 kids, lives in Kern County, California. She is a loyal reader of and recommended the Ozeri Stone Earth Pan to us. She said she has great cooking experience on the pan and wants to share it with all the people.

Before using the Ozeri Stone Earth Pan, she had tried a line of cookware but was disappointed with them. Her first try was a ceramic pan and she used it to fry meat, eggs, pancakes and vegetables. At the first 3 months, she was satisfied in general except for the dishes sticks to the bottom, though not much. However, the pan made a mess in the Thanksgiving Day when she prepared a big meal for her family. The mutton in the pan scorched and stuck hardly to the bottom. She tried to remove the scorch with towel and soft brush, but could not make it. Later she bought other non-stick cookware, but the coating of them did not last long either.

Finally, she found the Ozeri Stone Earth Pan by listening to the ideas of her friend. She has used the pan for over 12 months now and is 100% satisfied with the product. As a try, she bought the 10 inch pan and later decided to get the other 2 sizes to home, 8 and 12 inch Ozeri Stone Earth Pan.

The coating is called STONEHENGE made in Germany. It has amazing properties of hardened scratch-resistance. Nichole’s nightmare with other cookware does not take place with this one. More importantly, the pan’s stone-derived coating is 100% PFOA-Free and beneficiary to the environment and Nichole’s 5 little kids. Conventional kitchen utensils use PFOA (PerFluoroOctanoic Acid) to have non-stick properties; however, the chemical is harmful both to the environment and also on human bodies as testified by experiments on laboratory animals. The possible effects of PFOA, which may stay in people’s body for long time once ingested, on cancer hazards have not been completely understood by scientists yet.

The STONEHENGE coating made the pan superbly non-stick. She is shocked by the little amount of oil needed to fry chickens or other food. Meat and vegetables just glide very smoothly at the flat bottom. And Nichole has no worries if they will stick and scorch.

The Ozeri Stone Earth Pan is perfect to work on induction cooktop. Nichole has a Duxtop 1800-Watt Portable Sensor Touch Countertop Burner 8300ST and she would take it outdoor when she had parties. The Ozeri Stone Earth Pan is made of the highest quality of die-cast aluminum, with a magnetized bottom for fast heat transfer on induction cooktops. The cocktail design enables even cooking and energy saving. She actually adjusts the cooking temperature of Duxtop 8300ST 2 levels lower than using other pans. Besides, the pan has a silicone coated handle which stays comfortable to hold during cooking.

The rating of Ozeri Stone Earth Pan is 4.8 stars out of 5, made by 141 real customers. Actually, another product of Ozeri, 10″ Stainless Steel Earth Pan, gets amazingly 5 stars, the highest rating, made by 143 real customer reviews. It seems that Nichole’s satisfaction also occurs on many others.

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