How to Prevent Hot Oil from Splattering out of the Pan

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Apr 042016

It is very dangerous that hot oil splatters out of a cooking pan. Each year thousands of people are reported of being hurt by hot oil when they were cooking. And among them are the children who were standing beside or playing around the cook top.

Moreover, oil droplets can also result in stains on your stove or ranges, creating dirty and hard mess difficult to clean.

So, what is the best way to keep food particles, oil or any other liquid from spitting out of the frying pan? A good solution is to use splatter guard to make cooking safe and clean.

There are two types of products in the market:

One is in circular shape to cover a frying pan, represented by LiveFresh Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Fine Mesh Splatter Screen with Resting Feet. It is a premium grease guard which fits well for a pot, pan or skillet and stops oil spitting. Besides, it is a versatile tool and can be used to steam the veggies which stay on top of the splatter guard. When you need to cool down hot food, LiveFresh  Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Fine Mesh Splatter Screen can be turned inot a cooling rack.



The other solution is Norpro 2063 Nonstick Splatter Guard. The screen stands around your stove and effectively protects the cooker and surrounding place from being stained. It is composed of 3 hinged panels, each of which measures 10-inch by 9-inch or 25-1/2cm by 23cm. They are easy to clean by hand wash.

As yo can see from the pictures, the two types of splatter using different theories to keep splatters from making mess. LiveFresh covers tight the pans and make no splatters out of th pan while you may not be able to use spatula to cook; Norpro can give you the space to scramble food in the pan but there will be possibiy some oil running away although the range is limited by the splatter guard. So it is your choice to select between the products. Or you can take both home, because they are both excellent and versatile cooking pal.