How to Clean an Induction Cooktop in 3 Cases ?

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Jan 032014

Cleaning induction cooktops is easier than cleaning stoves of gas and electricity, because the induction cooking, instead of open fire burning or red hot electric coils of the latter stoves, uses induction heat generated within the cookware to make meals. Induction cook tops stays pretty cool during cooking, except the heat transferred from the pan’s bottom, making less burnt residues on the stove.

 However, daily cleaning is necessary to maintain your induction cooktop in order to have the best outlook. And if food spills over the stove surface and leave stains on it, you may have to clean the induction cooktop with special care.

 Case 1: Daily cleaning Procedures:

1. It is a good practice to clean the hobs once you have finished cooking. The tools you need to have are soft cloth/paper towel and ceramic cooktop cleaner.

There are many kinds of kitchen cleaner in the market and some may contain abrasive, caustic, or flammable elements. Don’t use such cleaner, because it will destroy your induction hob surface. Cerama Bryte Ceramic Cooktop Cleaner combo kit is recommended to use, because it is very effective and friendly to induction cooktops. The combo kit contains cleaner, scraper and cleaning pad customized to ceramic glass surface.

2. Make sure your induction cooktop is powered off. Spray the cleaner over the hob surface.

3. After 5 minutes, use the soft cloth/paper towel to remove the cleaner off the surface.


Case 2: Cleaning with Scrub Pad

1. If there are some stains or residues happen, the above method may be insufficient to clean them off. In this case, you will have to use srub pad which we suggest to use the pad in the combo kit; otherwise, other srub pad may scratch the surface.

2. Spray the ceramic cooktop cleaner over the points, and scrub off the stains with appropriate pressure.

3. Wipe the residue and cleaner off with soft cloth/paper towel.


Case 3: Cleaning Stubborn Residue

1. If the stains or residues are so heavy that scrub pad cannot work alone, you will have to use the scraper contained in the combo kit. Hold the scrape against the residues at a 30 degree angle and carefully scrape the residue’s soil off.
2. Spray the ceramic cooktop cleaner to the residue.
3. Wipe the residue and cleaner off with soft cloth/paper towel.


The surface of the best induction cooktops are sleek, usually made with ceramic glass. While crap induction cooktops may have rough and untidy surface which will annoy you when cleaning. So it is important to buy a good induction cooktop anyway. We list the best induction cooktops we can find in the market, please read our post for your reference:

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