How to Avoid Worrying about Radiation Risks When Using Induction Cooktops?

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Dec 072013

It is much safer of induction cooking than having gas and electric stoves in your kitchen.

Unlike conventional cookers, induction cooktops don’t generate open flames or red hot electric coils during cooking. They use electricity to create magnetic field through copper coil within them. Induction heating, as a result, is produced at the ferrous cookware. Induction cooktops remain cool though some heat would be transferred from the cookware. It is very important for families having kids running around.

Is there any risk when we use an induction cooktop?

The answer is yes. What causes concerns to some customers is the possible hazard of radiation coming from the copper coil within the induction cooktop. They worry that the radiation may lead to potential health problems.

Actually, radiations are ubiquitous

Anything which is warmer than zero degree will radiate its heat outward. Home and office appliances we used have radiation; for example, refrigerator, TV Set, air-conditioner, computers and reprography machine. Other things also radiate, such as the Sun, rocks, composite floor and wall sticker.

There are case reported about radiation risks made by high voltage power lines, telecommunication base stations and even mobile-phones. Although we should keep alert to the hazards, but they are still controversial and people can hardly find sufficient reasons to kick them out of usage just based on the radiation hazard hypothesis. However, in order to protect our health, we also take some precautions; for example, it would be better to settle down close to high voltage power lines or telecommunication base stations, and not to use cell-phone too long.

Well-made induction cooktops have the least risk.

There are well-made induction cooktops with the best design, healthy material,  fine manufacturing and the most stringent quality standard. Top safe portable and built-in induction cooktops and rages are listed below:








It is unnecessary to be fussy about the induction cooktop radiation hazards.

Radiations created during induction cooking are those of radio frequency which will diminish in short distances. The magnetic field works only on ferrous metal. The RF microwave can be hardly detected within a range of 30-40 centimeters from the induction cooktop. So long you do not set your body over-intimately to the working induction hobs you will not be affected at all.

Careful Precautions :

But if you want more protections when using induction stoves and avoid any risks, the following tips may alleviate your concerns:

1. Your induction cookware should have a flat bottom with a size large enough to cover the hob. The below cookware are exactly the best suit for induction cooking.

2. Set the cookware at the center of your induction hob when cooking.

3. Buy the induction cooktop which has a function of lift-and-shut-off so as to radiation will not take place when pan is lifted away from the hob surface.

4. Do not buy low quality induction hobs which may have less security measures and thus increase the danger of risks. We have a premium induction cooktop list and they have been used for long time by lots of people: best portable induction cooktops, best built-in induction cooktops and best induction ranges.

5. For those who are equipped with implanted electronic devices such as cardiac pacemakers need to consult with doctors when using electronic appliances.