Aroma AID509 Portable Induction Cooktop Review

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Feb 082014

Aroma AID509 is a fantastic induction cooktop with reliable good quality and affordable price. We list the stove in the top 10 best portable induction cooktops because many real users recommended the hob to us. We also researched Aroma AID509 through internet resources and real kitchen test.

Olivia Johnson is one of the Aroma AID-509 users. She bought the product for around 1 and a half year ago when she found that she needed an additional stove because her husband Peter like to invite his friends to have dinner together at the weekend. She is happy with friends coming and likes to show her cooking to them. But sometimes she had to prepare multiple dishes simultaneously, so she made the decision to buy another cooker.

She read many reviews and found induction cooktop has many advantages better than conventional gas and electric stoves; for example, induction cooktops are fast-cooking, energy efficient and easy to clean ( has a post: Do You Know Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Induction Cooktops?).

She finally selected an Aroma AID509 Induction Cooktop from Amazon. The portable cookotp can work anywhere with an electric socket available. It is also great to have friends sitting around with an induction cooktop cooking food at the center of table as Aroma AID509 has the sizes of 11.6 x 2.2 x 13 inches.

The induction cooktop features easy-to-use digital control and 7 heat settings; namely, 1 to 6 heating levels as well as a warm setting. It has a built-in programmable timer set up to 180 minutes. Thanks to the precision temperature control, people can cook all kinds of food on the versatile stove: pasta, scrambled eggs, steak, fried chicken, fried fish, pancake, etc – You name it.

Aroma AID509 has the function to shut off when the pan is lifted away. Besides, since no open flames are created during induction cooking, the stove keeps much cooler than gas and electric red hot cooker. It is important for a mother like Olivia who has kids running around rooms.

She also likes the easy process to clean Aroma AID509. The ceramic surface is sleek and when spills come over from the pan, she usually wiped them off with a damp towel. It is breeze to do clean the surface. She does not feel any of the induction cooktop cleaning as a burden.

She gives her 2 thumbs up for Aroma AID509 and really likes to share her great experience with people. She also suggested that only induction ready cookware can be used on Aroma AID509. Before buying the induction cooktop, she already has a 10 piece stainless cookware set of Cuisinart 77-10 Chef’s Classic and they work very well on Aroma AID509. ( has a list of induction ready cookware: The Ultimate Induction Cookware Reviews and Guide).

There is a video showing the product details and features below:

Aroma AID509 Induction Cooktop Video

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