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In order to know the advantages and disadvantages of induction cooktops, let’s first get to know what is induction cooktop and induction cooking?

Induction cooktop is also named as induction cook top, induction stove, induction oven, induction range and induction hot plate. The last name is very strange because they are not hot when people cook. Instead, only the pan is heated through magnetic induction.

An induction cooktop has a coil of copper wire inside where alternating electric current creates an oscillating magnetic field and induces electric current in the ferromagnetic vessel people put on the cooktop. Thanks to the current flowing, resistive heating is created.


The advantages of using induction cooktop

1. Fast and precise cooking

Induction cooktops produces heat from the induced electric current; therefore, the heating mechanism makes cooking become fast and precise. Most customers are very satisfied with the fast speed to adjust the pan temperature to an ideal one. They observed making a quart of water boiled through induction cook tops only needs less than half time of gas or traditional electrical cookers. Besides, induction cooktops have various built-in cooking settings and multiple temperature levels which enables the temperature control precisely and smoothly.

 2. Energy efficient at low cost

Energy is used in induction cooking with very small waste, because it is directly transformed to heat through magnetic induction; whereas gas cooking transfers heat through gas burning and traditional electrical stove delivers heat to pan from the heated electric coil. So induction cooking has higher energy efficiency than its gas and electrical counterparts.

Besides, since only the cookware is heated during cooking, the external heat flows to the ambience is minimal and it makes great significance during summer. Your air-conditioning bill will be cut a lot and you don’t need to stay in the unbearable hot kitchen as long as you replace your old gas stove with induction cooktop.

 3. Safety

Unlike gas and traditional electrical stoves transferring heat from open flames or red coils, induction cooktop itself remains cool during cooking. It is very important when you have kids around. You don’t need to worry they get burnt or put your house on fire.

Moreover, most induction cookers, no matter they are portable cooktop, built-in stove or ranges, have auto shut-off features when the pan is lift from the cooktop surface or when food overflows.

 4. Easy cleaning

Cleaning induction cooktop is quite easy. Little byproduct is generated during cooking whereas gas cooktop becomes increasingly dirty from the day-after-day gas burning. The surface of most induction cooktops is sleek, made up of glass ceramic. And the controlling part is built in underneath the smooth surface without knobs. To clean an induction cooktop, you will only need to wipe up its surface with a towel as soon as you finish cooking.



1. Cookware Requirement

Cookware needs to be ferro-magnetic. Because of the identified working mechanism, non-induction vessels are not favorable in induction cooking. Compatible cookware is needed and the vessels are usually not expensive, made up of cast iron or steel.

There are skills in selecting induction cookware for the purpose of good cooking experience. We have a post here:

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2. Humming

Noise is made during induction cooking at a very low level. There are fans installed in some induction cooktops. Most users suggest that the humming is hardly noticeable when you cook food.



What do you think of induction cooking compared with traditional gas and electrical one? What will you choose when you are going to buy a cook top for your new home or a kitchen renovation?


The above pros and cons of the induction cooktops hope to lead you through the selection puzzles. Induction cookopts have so many advantages that the two little flaws are neglectable. If people really don’t want ferro-magnetic utensils at home or little-noise-sensitive, induction stoves may not be their favorite. Otherwise, it is not a balanced comparison; the drawbacks are not a big deal when you have easy, safe, fast, economic and clean induction cookers.