What are the Differences between Electric Ceramic Radiant & Induction Cooktops

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Dec 062014

Many people asked ibestinduction.com the question about the differences between an electric ceramic radiant cooker and an induction cooktop. They are amazed by the words “radiant” and “induction”. Basically, the differences lie in how the heating is produced and transferred.
How Heating is Produced and Transferred
An electric radiant cooker use electric coil elements to generate heat which is conducted and transferred through the ceramic surface to the cookware where your food is contained.
An induction cooktop, whether it is portable, ranges or built-in one, use the burner to generate magnet field working on the induction cookware where heat in turn is generated.

As you see from the working mechanism above, induction heating is much more efficient than traditional electric burners because induction heating is not transferred by radiation or conduction where heat is likely to waste and escape to air from the glass surface; instead, heat is directly generated and works on the cookware.
Cost: Time, Energy and Money
Induction burners are lifesaver and they save time, energy and money. You will be very happy with the electricity bill which is cut the new way of induction cooking. Through reading the best induction cooktop reviews we have done, we can find all of the real customers of induction cookers are satisfied with the cost saved by using induction cooktops.
Unlike electric burners or traditional gas stoves transferring heat from open flames or red coils, induction burners stay cool during the cooking. The feature is very important particularly when you have kids around because you are relieved from the concerns to worry they get burnt or put your house on fire.
Health Issues and Risks
Do we really need to have the concerns on induction cooktop’s health issue and risks? Does the magnet field generate hazards on human beings? Please read the post we write: How to Avoid Worrying about Radiation Risks When Using Induction Cooktops?
Excerpt from the article:

Anything which is warmer than zero degree will radiate its heat outward. Home and office appliances we used have radiation; for example, refrigerator, TV Set, air-conditioner, computers and reprography machine. Other things also radiate, such as the Sun, rocks, composite floor and wall sticker.

There are case reported about radiation risks made by high voltage power lines, telecommunication base stations and even mobile-phones. Although we should keep alert to the hazards, but they are still controversial and people can hardly find sufficient reasons to kick them out of usage just based on the radiation hazard hypothesis. However, in order to protect our health, we also take some precautions; for example, it would be better to settle down close to high voltage power lines or telecommunication base stations, and not to use cell-phone too long.
We encourage you to buy and use quality induction cookers instead of some low-end products which may be cheap when you buy them and cost more money and time when you use them.

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Induction cooktop only use induction cookware which basically requires iron elements within so that the magnet field can works on the cookware and generate induction heating. Clay pot, glass, ceramic, copper or aluminum cookware are not applicable on induction cookers.
Do you know what kind of cookware can work on induction cooktops? Please read the best induction cookware list.
Hybrid Cooktop with All Cookware
From reading the above comparison between electric radiant cookers and induction cooktops, we know their pros and cons. Cooker makers understand the disadvantages and disadvantages of both types, and they launch and produce hybrid cooktops which have both traditional radiant burners and induction elements as well. So your cooker can heat your food quick and efficient with induction cooking while you can use non-induction cookware on traditional burners.
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