Review of Vollrath 59500P Mirage Pro Countertop Induction Range, 14-Inch

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Dec 052013

Vollrath 59500P Mirage Pro Countertop Induction Range is an ideal device for cooks with high expectations. It has a long list of revolutionary new features created by Vollrath’s cutting-edge G4 engine technology, which makes the product more efficient and handy to control.

Vollrath 59500P Mirage Pro performs at low energy costs and enables faster cooking. The portable induction cooktop is 90 percent more energy efficient than conventional electric or gas cooking products. The counter top uses a total of four insulated-gate bipolar transistors (IGBT) used to control power levels while most induction cookers use a single IGBT switch to power the entire device.

The induction cooktop has a temperature range from 80 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Delicate cooking such as tempering chocolate or making yoghurt can be performed with the lower-end temperature of 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

The 100 power step options of the unit can be performed by the metal knob on the cook top which therefore is capable of precise temperature controls during food preparation and extends the lifespan of the cookware.

Vollrath’s Mirage Pro is sturdy and easy to clean with a stainless body, a smooth glass top and aluminum bottom. It has an LED digital readout/ troubleshooting display which shows helpful messages such as “ADD PAN” if the device is ready for a pan, “BAD PAN” if an unusable vessel is placed on it, and “HOT” when the unit is warm.

In general, the induction cooktop is complemented by most of the clients. However, some induction cooktop reviews mention that pans with uneven bottom will not be appropriately heat through the temperature setting and buzz can be heard when the induction cooker is run under high power mode. Actually cookware is a key to have a perfect induction heating. It would better to buy compatible pans when people bring induction cooktop to their home.  (See the best induction cookware)As to the little sound, it is produced by the fan inside the unit and is very mellow, not louder than a working microwaver. It will stop soon after the power is switched off.

Features and specs

  • Product Dimensions: 19 x 6 x 17 inches ; 13.6 pounds
  • Range is equipped with a digital pushbutton control panel, bright LED readout is easy to see.
  • A convenient temperature memory system that saves your prior temperature setting
  • Constructed with a 100-percent framed ceramic top, this range has fantastic durability
  • Knob control with digital readout makes settings quick and clear
  • Measures 14-inch width by 3-inch height by 15-1/4-inch depth
  • Amps: 15
  • Burner Type: Induction
  • Burners: 1

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