Dec 202013

A pre-seasoned cookware means that it has been placed with a coating on the surface, before it is sold to consumers, in order to help the cookware have natural, easy-release finish and away from rusting. Cleaning a pre-seasoned cast iron cookware is easy. First wash the cookware with water. Dry it as soon as possible. Then rub the cookware with a thin coating of vegetable oil. Too much oil may lead to a sticky surface.

This process of “wash, dry and season” not only makes you cast iron cookware clean and keeps it away from moisture but also maintains its lifespan for decades. You may use it for over 100 years.

To wash the cookware, dishwashers, strong detergents or metal scouring pads is not recommended, as they will reduce the seasoning surface. It is applicable that using only water to wash even without soap, because the smooth seasoning helps cleaning easy. If you are really worried about non-soap washing, just use mild soapy water.

Below is a video showing how to clean a 10.5 inch Lodge L9OG3 Pre-Seasoned Round Griddle which is made up with cast iron. This process is applicable to cast iron cookware, such as griddles and skillets, of other brands and models.

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